Biographie eines Raumfahrers


Die Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 hat vergangene Woche das Persistent Test Universe (PTU) verlassen und ist nun für jeden Vorbesteller zugänglich. Das funktioniert erstaunlich gut und macht schon jetzt unglaublich viel Spaß. Zeit für mich, die Sternenkarte und die Lore-Wikis zu wälzen, um mein Alter Ego mit etwas mehr Hintergrundgeschichte auszustatten:

Privileged to be born and raised on Earth, Desch was fascinated by science and space since his childhood. Late – after school and his studies in computer science – he left earth for the first time to work in the UEE Eastern Expansion Program on Terra as a maintenance engineer. Living in the outskirts of New Austin, he attended to dozens of exploration flights to the eastern sectors to earn a living.

After six years, the captain of his work-ship retired. Desch struggles with the new one and his overall aggressive attitude towards the Xi’An ships they regularly meet during exploration. After several disputes with him, Desch began planning to work as a freelancer. Now, on his 30th birthday, he has quit the job and works as a freelance salvager mostly travelling in the UEE-Xi’An border sectors between the systems Terra, Osiris and Indra.

With the rise of more and more syndicates and corporations flooding the known universe, the freelance work becomes nearly impossible. Desch therefore tries to stick loosely to a handful organisations and syndicates operating in the sector. An approach, which currently results in safe buyers for his salvage and made him wealthy enough to acquire a used Constellation Aquila.